Posted by: ovazquez, 9/9/2009

All of the instructors are great especially David. The hours are right working parents. With Kenpo, weapons and MMA training the variety is great. And you can get a great workout for less than it would cost to join a gym. Its always fun training at Counter Strike.

Posted by: Felix N., 8/27/2009

Counterstrike is the best realistic school out there.

Posted by: Anita Schafkopf, 8/21/2009

The owner and head Sensi of Counterstrike Kenpo in Phila., David Pantano, is just THE BEST! He is amazing with the students and parents alike. He really cares deeply about each and every student. He take a lot of personal time to individually address any issues that may arrise whether it be martial arts, primary school, relationships with peers (bullying etc), or family issues (anything). Dave is there to help if you need him to. Counterstrike Kenpo is an amazing school with an amazing staff. Dave's family (wife and kids) are also warm and wonderful people. His wife will do anything and everything she can to help in anyway possible. Counterstrike Kenpo is also very and seriously involved in both BULLY PREVENTION AND ABDUCTION PREVETION. He has regular seminars on both subjects that are PRICELESS, A MUST! I have taken a self defense seminar at Counterstrike Kenpo, taught by Dave and another professional instructor that was so important and impowering! I loved it! I can't say enough good things about Conterstrike Kenpo and David Pantano. Everyone of all ages should participate in whatever fits them best at this school if at all possible. You will be better for it!

Posted by: Andy M., 8/19/2009

My son has been going to Premier Martial Arts for years. It has helped his self-esteem, school grades and confidence.

Posted by: Savannah P., 8/15/2009

My Dad is the greatest teacher in the whole wide world!!

Posted by: Franki R., 8/12/2009

Excellent environment.Friendly staff, Great Discounts for police and fire members ..A great place to learn to kick butt!! Very family friendly..

Posted by: Jean D., 8/11/2009

My daughter feels so comfortable with Sensei David that she sometimes asks to go to class just so she can talk to him about any issues she has at school - not easy for a 13 year old. As a parent, as much as we're there for our kids, they sometimes need another adult they can trust to talk to. He always makes time for her because he truly cares about every student and she values and respects his advice. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.

Posted by: Scott W., 8/11/2009

Excellent training and teachers. Sensei David knows every student personally and truly cares about each one.

Posted by: kfarber14, 8/10/2009

Great instructors and very patient

Posted by: Predtech, 8/10/2009

Counterstrike is HANDS DOWN the best dojo i have ever trained in, with the most dedicated, honest, and personable trainers and students. I personally have never trained under someone as trustworthy, approachable, honest, and motivating than Sensei David Pantano.
It is a place that anybody from an absolute novice to a black belt can come and train and learn some new techniques and make some new friends.
You get it ALL at Counterstrike Kenpo.

Posted by: roboken, 8/6/2009

David Pantano is very good with children, and at the same time very good with adults. My daughter has been there for 4 yrs, my son for almost 2 and myself for 1 1/2 yrs. The instructors are knowledgeable and motivated.

Posted by: Zarilda E., 8/4/2009

Because they are so family oriented and the atmosphere is very so positive and makes you feel welcomed, which makes you able to learn kenpo.Great learning environment!

Posted by: Brittan09, 7/28/2009

My husband and I have been going there for 5 months. We also have 2 children, a 7 year old an a 5 year old with ADHD. Finding a place for him to feel at home was hard! But not at Premier Maryial Arts Counterstrike Kenpo. They have made us ALL feel at home! And our children BOTH are doing GREAT! Thank You for All you have done so far! And Thank you for giving our son a place to feel like he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to!!

Posted by: lilteach26, 7/27/2009

The school is affordable and fun to attend. You don't realize how much you are learning and the time really flies. You don't want it to end so quickly.

Posted by: lilteach26, 7/27/2009

Their program teaches useful ways to defend yourself not just looking good with your techniques. I also love their Operation Counterstrike which teaches about bully busting for kids.

Posted by: keystone_kim, 7/27/2009

Sensei David works so well with children. The kids truly enjoy it as they learn self defense.

Posted by: mperlman, 7/27/2009

my friends' go there (and their kids) - I have met many people who teach there and am impressed with the way they do business and themselves personally.

Posted by: tinyteach, 7/27/2009

They are a school that really cares about their students, both young and old. Just an awesome school!

Posted by: mrcb, 7/27/2009

The students are friendly and respectful. PMA Counterstrike's dojo creates a wonderful learning environment as well as a warm place to be. The instructors address the learning needs of each and every student and are very conscious of the curriculum they teach the kids. Great martial arts school in the Greater Northeast!

Posted by: rmkenpo, 7/26/2009

I would highly recommend Premier Martial Arts Counterstrike Kenpo because I have been a student here at this school for five years. I have learned not just a great system of Martial Arts but a value of becoming an even better person in life. Yes you do learn how to defend yourself in a realistic situation here but also how to take those qualities and apply them in your daily life. I believe that your training facility should not be just anothor school or dojo but an extended family or home. Thats what my teacher and the family at Premier Martial Arts Counterstrike Kenpo has done and mean to me...

Posted by: VenusHernandez, 7/26/2009

Safe and comfortable environment
Individualized instruction

Posted by: billhenry1167, 7/25/2009

At some martial arts schools a person teaches who has not spent a lot of time doing martial arts. That is not the case at this school. David Pantano is a martial arts master who has been doing this a long time and keeps it inspiring, energetic and easy to learn. It is an amazing school.

Posted by: marytha, 7/25/2009

Best school, family oriented, great workouts, self defense that really works.

Posted by: jea814, 7/24/2009

PMA CounterStrike Kenpo is the best martial arts school because there you will learn how to deal with real life scenarios of self defense. There is no other martial arts school in the area that even comes close.

Posted by: doc16, 7/23/2009

Serious real-world martial arts training that is also fun and exciting--high energy, great work out, and it works!!

Posted by: mrsgeoghanatyahoodotcom, 7/22/2009

Great classes, low price.

Posted by: ibdamom829, 7/22/2009

The school director, Sensei David Pantano, is one of the most caring, concerned individuals in the Martial Arts field today. He truly wants the best for his students, and his goal is to help them believe in themselves. He is a stand-up guy, honest, hard-working and dedicated. The way he runs his dojo is a reflection of the principles he lives by. Send your children there, you will not be sorry!

Posted by: jadair2690, 7/22/2009

Counterstrike has become like a 2nd family to me. Everyone, instructors and students alike, show real concern for fellow students and work to help others succeed. To have pride in one's accomplishments is wonderful, but to take pride in helping others reach their goals is the mark of a true martial artist.

Premier Martial Arts