Kenpo Karate

LTKKA Affiliated Kenpo School

Kenpo karate is not a competition art, it is a self protection system designed to deal with street scenarios. You will learn where and how to strike the bodies weak points, with speed and power, to gain maximum advantage with minimum effort. Training involves dealing with striking and grappling style attacks from one or more opponents. Originally from Hawaii, Ed Parker trained in the art of Kara Ho Kempo under William Chow. 

He felt that the martial arts were missing something so Parker set about updating his system. Over the following years, training with many great masters of various styles, including Eskrima, he began to formulate his modern kenpo karate, updated for the city streets, not just the training hall.

The result was a devastatingly fast multiple strike system, capable of repelling any attacker or even attackers quickly and efficiently.

This is Karate updated for today’s streets, a close range, multiple strike style that combines circular efficient movements with direct straight line power to quickly neutralize any opponent. Kenpo is close range and devastating, rapid multiple strikes and joint locks in combine seamlessly to overwhelm an opponent leaving him helpless to defend himself. Versatile enough that anybody of any age can learn to apply even after only a few classes, but detailed enough to take a lifetime of study to fully appreciate it's intricacies. We teach a version of the full Kenpo syllabus focusing on core concepts, adding in knowledge and experience taken from other systems and instructors that we have been lucky enough to have encountered over the years.

By focusing on the core concepts, rather than the multitude of techniques devised by Parker, our students learn to understand their own body, how to move efficiently and create power, once these skills are established the techniques start to assemble themselves around the student. This is a more holistic approach that allows each student to tailor the kenpo around their own skill and fitness level meaning that they will not only retain the information more easily, but be able to apply it should the need arise. The result is a constantly evolving, improving and above all practical system of self defence, just the way the late Ed Parker created it and would want it to continue.

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