Head Instructor 5th degree Black Belt

Sensei David Pantano's attraction to martial arts started at the early age of seven. However, it was not until the age of 18 that Sensei David started his first formal training in boxing as a form of self-defense, writing off martial arts as an art that is too regimented and bound by too many rules.

At the age of 23, inspired by the movie Perfect Weapon, Sensei David's interest in martial arts was rekindled. Unbeknown to him, it was Kenpo that he saw in the movie; the martial art that he sought to learn and eventually teach. "I chose Kenpo because the physical applications made sense,. said Sensei David. "It is an art that you could use on the streets".


"I share my art with a new student. I show my enthusiasm and passion". Sensei Dave, as he is known at the dojo, shows students that learning martial arts is something that could make his or her life better.

David Pantano
  Sensei David

This honest and transparent love for martial arts is what becomes apparent with each new student that enters his school. At CounterStrike Kenpo, students are not bound by a boring curriculum. "This [learning Kenpo] should not drain energy from you, but be something that puts energy in you". His aim is for a student to feel energized at the end of every class. According to him, school should be a place where people would like to be, a place where one can have a pleasant and enlightening experience.


"In practicing and learning martial arts, you learn to handle life by learning to work with others". A student learns right away to work with different types of people and to respect each others differences. CounterStrike Kenpo students learn through various ways which they can implement in life.


What Sensei Dave wishes for each of his students to gain through Kenpo is not only physical strength but also strength in character: honesty, confidence, discipline, loyalty, and respectfulness. These are characteristics consistent of living an honorable life; and living an honorable life is the warrior's way.

David Pantano
Sensei David teaching Firefighters



A student gains confidence as he or she learns to defend his or her self. Sensei Dave imparts to his students confidence in living out life. He teaches his students to face life confidently and enjoy life responsibly.


Each new day, Sensei Dave sets time aside to train in order to better himself, constantly reminding himself of the examples that the great Masters have established. "Everyday you set a goal to master yourself. This takes discipline. One must strive to be a little bit better each day because it is easier to quit than to forge ahead". Sensei Dave educates and mentors his students with a sense of passion. He is a constant inspiration.


"Everyday my goal is to have a better class, to teach better than I did the day before. If you don't keep on learning, your students will pass you and you will have nothing to teach them. I like being a teacher and I like being a student just as much. You learn that a good teacher is forever the student because there is always new stuff to learn". And so, everyday, Sensei Dave rigorously trains so that he can become better. His goal is to help his students achieve higher ranks and to take them further in their training. "Martial art is about self-mastery on all levels - the subconscious as well as the physical level".

Sensei William Martino, 4th degree black belt, was on the judging board when Sensei Dave received his first degree black belt. Sensei Martino tested and promoted Sensei Dave to his second and then third degree black belt. Master Larry Tatum certified his third degree. In October of 2003, Sensei Dave received his fourth degree from Master Tatum. Sensei Dave often counsels with Master Tatum, always thinking of what more he could do to give his students the best training possible.

David Pantano
Sensei David teaching Police



Sensei Dave hopes that one day his students will be able to say that he was a good friend, a better teacher and mentor, that he had given them something that they had taken through life and helped influence them positively. It is under this premise that Sensei Dave strives to continually make learning meaningful as well as fun for his students.

This kind of commitment and dedication can be seen in the many accomplishments that Sensei Dave Pantano and CounterStrike Kenpo has had thus far. Recently, the school has been featured in Channel 6, Channel 10, and Comcast Sports Network. CounterStrike Kenpo has been also highlighted in Channel 6 and Channel 10 for its Kidnap Prevention Program for many elementary schools in Northeast Philadelphia. Sensei Dave Pantano has also been featured in a cable network show called Seeking Solutions with Suzzane for self-defense for seniors. Most recently, Sensei Dave and CounterStrike Kenpo was cited in a book entitled Ultimate Sparring, by Jujitsu instructor, Shihan Jonathan Mayberry. In the past, CounterStrike students have participated with other martial arts schools in a combined effort to raise funds for FoxChase Cancer Center. Sensei Dave Pantano and CounterStrike Kenpo still continue to raise funds for various charities.

There is a place that teaches students not only how to be exemplary martial artists, but also instills in them how to live confidently and honorably . to live up to the code of the warrior's way, where strengths are developed, and where mirth and enlightenment co-exist. This place is a school named CounterStrike Kenpo. There, inside this martial arts school, you can find a man of substance and conviction, a good humanitarian, a lover of people, a devoted student, a loyal friend, a man whose passion for martial arts is surpassed only by his dedication to his students, an exceptional martial artist, a humble teacher whose students proudly and affectionately call Sensei Dave.


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